Here you will find all the liveacts and shows going on during the convention. 

We are soo happy to
be able to bring this

crazy band to you again.

Last time they got sick
and had to cancel,  

but now they are ready

to blow your brains out!!

CULEBRAS - Swe/arg


More info!



Playing Saturday

The only thing we can say about this band is that they will blow you away.


Dont miss the sick mother fxxxkers from Blood Force Trauma.





Playing Saturday

Rock ´n Roll Fashion!


A show you can´t miss!


Friday & Saturday

Ninja Dolls


Even more info
Playing Saturday

Foto:Elin Parmhed

The Magnificent
Glam o´Drama Gals


This is a must see....
Beutifull real woman


Show: Fri & Saturday



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